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SorceressRising-ebookWelcome to the journey of bringing the story and adventures of Clio Boru and friends to you, the reader.  It has been a challenging one, not so much because of demons, apparitions and other inhabitants of supernatural world, but because it was a grand story and I needed to get it right.

You may not realize this but Clio is a real person and Lake Melts is a real community. To protect their privacy I changed the name of both. Yet they do exist. I met Clio during my travels in Ireland, she is a Wiccan and she does own a shop. It is there that our paths crossed and she enthralled me with tales of Slieveanorra Forest, Slieve Bloom Mountains and Kinnitty Castle, built on an ancient Druid Site.

When I went back home to Lake Melts, I noticed the similarity between Slieveanorra Forest the Slieve Bloom Mountains and our Escarpment and woods. This gave me the inspiration to try and tell a story. The petite and beautiful Clio was a natural fit for the main character.

Clio, short for Cliodhna, is a hereditary sole practitioner Wiccan living in Wisconsin. She operates a small store devoted to the craft and lives with her two Irish Wolfhounds. Clio’s family has lived in Wisconsin for many generations, settling here in the 1840s as a part of the Great Irish Immigration. They settled in the community of Lake Melts, located north of Milwaukee on the shores of a quiet lake, because it resembled their home in Kinnitty.

Clio’s adventures, with her friends John Slocum, a Sheriff’s deputy, and Roger Marquette, an investigator of paranormal and supernatural phenomenon, are both exciting and terrifying.

So look through the site, enjoy the blog, and discover more about Clio and those strange happenings in Lake Melts, Wisconsin.

P.S. If you would enjoy having an autographed copy of my book there is a link for that on the Contact Us page.
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