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Dire Wolve’s

Dire wold skeleton


The Dire Wolf plays an important role in SORCERESS RISING and is an ancient wolf species that ranged throughout North America. While long extinct there are groups actively involved in “rebreeding” and as a result, reintroducing, the Dire Wolf back into our population. SORCERESS RISING takes place in Lake Melts Wisconsin which is located in the East Central part of the state. The ancient remains of Dire Wolves have been found near there.


The Physical description of the Dire Wolf is quite impressive, some may say even intimidating. These are not the German Shepherd sized Grey Wolf or Timber Wolf that you are familiar with. While in some instance they were larger than these wolves, historic mythology has described them as the size of small horses. Whichever description you choose to believe they were and remain the largest of the wolf species.


These were fierce and powerful animals. They hunted not by speed but in packs and their primary food source was larger animals. Dire Wolf remains have been found all over the United States. The Dire Wolf Project is working diligently to return these magnificent animals. Starting with a crossbreed between an German Shepherd and a Alaskan malamute. Over time this breed has earned its own identity and is now officially known as the American Alsation. Their temperament is far from wolf like as they are primarily family companion dogs, less than 3 feet tall and weighing up to 120 pounds. They have a very wolf like appearance and I suspect confusion at the Dog Park could be interesting.

While the picture below is of a modern American Alsation, it is very easy to imagine a ferocity based upon its wolf like appearance.


Modern Dire Wolf

Roger Marquette – Paranormal Investigator




Roger Marquette, crypto-zoologist and paranormal investigator, plays an important role in SORCERESS RISING. He has been investigating things like the Ohio Grassman, Bigfoot and other supernatural and occult related activities.

Roger is from back east, New York to be specific. While finalizing his divorce he discovered a book that had been left in his room: WEREWOLVES OF WISCONSIN—FACT OR FICTION by reporter Erika Klause. This book took him to Elkhorn, Wisconsin, a small town near Kenosha, Wisconsin. Fascinated by the book’s topic, the Beast of Bray Road, so named because that is the road the creature was most often seen near, he began conducting his own investigation of this phenomenon.

Eventually his investigation takes him to Lake Melts where he quickly becomes friends with Karl Grabinski, John Slocum and Clio Boru.

Roger is nationally known for his expertise in what he sometimes refers to as “events of the odd.” A regular contributor to the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland Maine and the American Paranormal Research Association in Los Angeles, Roger’s passion has taken him to some of the premier Criptid and paranormal locations in the United States. He became interested in these activities at about the age of 12 when he was fascinated by news reports in his hometown in New York about ghosts and specters in the surrounding countryside. While he loves to investigate crypto-zoological events, such as Bigfoot and the Boggy Creek Monster, it was the Cayuga Lake Monster in New York State and Champ, the Lake Champlain Monster, that really drew him into the investigative part. Reading everything he could find about both animals, it was his discovery of a picture by Sandra Mansi that caught him hook, line and sinker. Roger was caught several times by law enforcement when he ran away to try and join several expeditions searching for these two legendary beasts.

Roger was instrumental in confirming the challenges John, Karl and Clio faced in SORCERESS RISING and will continue his very visible role in SORCERESS REVEALED, due out in April 2015. The future holds great promise for Roger and the adventures he will experience.