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Dire Wolve’s

Dire wold skeleton


The Dire Wolf plays an important role in SORCERESS RISING and is an ancient wolf species that ranged throughout North America. While long extinct there are groups actively involved in “rebreeding” and as a result, reintroducing, the Dire Wolf back into our population. SORCERESS RISING takes place in Lake Melts Wisconsin which is located in the East Central part of the state. The ancient remains of Dire Wolves have been found near there.


The Physical description of the Dire Wolf is quite impressive, some may say even intimidating. These are not the German Shepherd sized Grey Wolf or Timber Wolf that you are familiar with. While in some instance they were larger than these wolves, historic mythology has described them as the size of small horses. Whichever description you choose to believe they were and remain the largest of the wolf species.


These were fierce and powerful animals. They hunted not by speed but in packs and their primary food source was larger animals. Dire Wolf remains have been found all over the United States. The Dire Wolf Project is working diligently to return these magnificent animals. Starting with a crossbreed between an German Shepherd and a Alaskan malamute. Over time this breed has earned its own identity and is now officially known as the American Alsation. Their temperament is far from wolf like as they are primarily family companion dogs, less than 3 feet tall and weighing up to 120 pounds. They have a very wolf like appearance and I suspect confusion at the Dog Park could be interesting.

While the picture below is of a modern American Alsation, it is very easy to imagine a ferocity based upon its wolf like appearance.


Modern Dire Wolf

Harvey Plaushek

Plaushek truck2


One of the characters in SORCERESS RISING is Harvey Plaushek, an elderly farmer living in Johnson County. Unintentionally he has become beloved by readers.

Harvey Plaushek, local farmer in Lake Melts, is a character many found to be a key figure in Clio’s story , SORCERESS RISING. A minor character originally, Harvey begins to have a greater presence in the second book in the series, SORCERESS REVEALED .

Harvey lives on a dairy farm east of the Ledge in Lake Melts. A pioneer family of the area, Harvey’s family has farmed the same land since his family immigrated there in the late 1840s. Originally from the Baden region of Germany, the Plaushek family came to Wisconsin through Manitowoc, Wisconsin, following a period of revolution in Germany. The Plaushek family found their way to what is now Johnson County and began to farm the homestead that Harvey lives on today.

He is popular and noticeable in the community of Lake Melts because of his outspoken but friendly mannerisms. He is frequently seen in town driving his old red and rusty Ford pickup truck. Usually dressed in Carhart bib overalls, Harvey often comes into town to wander the local farm supply store and enjoy a cup of coffee at a diner along Highway 51 in Lake Melts .

Harvey’s farm is most famous for the large red barn that sits in the middle of his pasture. Built originally by his great-grandfather in the late 1800s, it became popular with young people in the county in the early 1960s as a party place. Beloved by the young people of Lake Melts, mostly because he never seems to notice their parties in his barn, Harvey also enjoys attending football and basketball games at Lake Nicollet High School. With a loud and booming voice that can be heard above the other crowd noise, he had been honored by the athletic teams of the school for his thunderous support..

His history with Clio Boru began during the Gavaudan episode. Suffering the destruction of his dairy herd, presumably at the hands of Jack Gavaudan, Harvey became less amicable regarding the use of his barn as a place for anything other than the operation of his farm.

Harvey will continue to play a small role in Clio’s adventures and while not an insignificant figure in the community, he will make his presence known.