John Slocum – Deputy Sheriff, Johnson County

Deputy Sheriff

John Slocum is a central figure in SORCERESS RISING and the upcoming sequel, SORCERESS REVEALED. He is a native of lake Melts Wisconsin, having lived there all of his life, except for the 3 years he spent in the Army with his lifelong friend Karl Grabinski.

John’s time in the Army, as you might expect, was as a Military Policeman. He joined with Karl directly out of High School. Eventually the two friends found themselves about as far away from Wisconsin as they thought they would ever get…Fort Polk Louisiana. At first disappointed the two avid outdoorsmen discovered the rich hunting and fishing around the area and neighboring Texas.

Until he became close to Clio Boru you could often find him hunting or fishing throughout the State of Wisconsin, unless he was with his children. John is divorced and has 2 children who live with his mother. It is because of this that he chose to work the 3rd shift as a Sheriff’s Deputy for Johnson County. That shift allowed him the time for his kids’ school and extra-curricular activities.

As a mischievous child, John and his friend Karl were always involved in some kind of prank. While he never did anything truly bad, he did enjoy antics customarily found in rural or semi-rural schools of Wisconsin. The occasional loose chickens inside the gymnasium or cows in the football field, while never directly tied to John were usually linked to someone he knew and knew well. Summer and fall Saturday nights were occasionally spent in Harvey Plausheks’ Barn, listening to music and drinking beer. John’s knowledge of the barn would eventually help him in SORCERESS RISING.

John and Clio have continued to grow their relationship. In SORCERESS REVEALED, Book 2 of the Clio Boru series, their closeness continues to grow into more than simple friendship. Both Characters are typical of stereotypical Midwestern people and as such exhibit an openness and honesty that epitomizes stereotypical values not frequently found in modern America.

John Slocum is just beginning his adventures with Clio, Karl and new found friend Roger Marquette. Follow the journey of this group in the soon to be released Sorceress Revealed and in the fall of 2015, SORCERESS RESURRECTED.

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